Happy Hour


Mother, Mother Ocean

Mother, Mother Ocean, I've heard you call
Wanted to sail upon your waters since I was three feet tall
You've seen it all, you've seen it all
Watched the men who rode you, switch from sails to steam
In your belly you hold the treasures, few have ever seen
Most of 'em dream, most of 'em dream
Yes, I am a pirate, two hundred year's too late
The cannons don't thunder, there's nothin' to plunder
I'm an over-forty victim of fate
Arriving too late, arriving too late


"Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is."
―Yoda, to Luke Skywalker

Counted the Stars

Counted the stars on the 4th of July
Wishing we were rockets bursting in the sky
Talking about redemption and leaving things behind
I have these pictures and I keep these photographs
To remind me of a time
These pictures and these photographs
Let me know I'm doin' fine
We used to be so happy once upon a time
Once upon a time
But the sun sank west of the Mendocino County Line
And the sun sank west of the Mendocino County Line


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Stampeders fight off Tiger-Cats to win Grey Cup

Ticats' furious rally comes up short

Congratulations to the Calgary Stampeders for winning the 102nd Grey Cup.
A Well Done to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for a great season as well.
Yes folks, football season is over for me.
Part of my growing up was in Southern Alberta from 1968 to 1971 and the rest was in Montana along The Hi Line. I have been a Saskatchewan Roughrider fan since I was 11 living in Scobey, Montana.

Stampeders fight off Tiger-Cats to win Grey Cup

102nd Grey Cup in Pictures

Bakersfield Condors Teddy Bear Toss Game

We took Trevor to the Teddy Bear Toss Game in Bakersfield tonight. He is the son of friends of ours and it was the first pro hockey game.
The Condors won in overtime!
There was even some pushing and shoving.........

As usual, there were a lot of stuffed animals on the ice when the Condors scored their first goal!

This is a new tradition for us. We love hockey and giving for something good. All of the stuffed animals will be given to needy and hospitalized children in Kern County.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Time to enjoy a good cigar and good brew

Missus ORPO and I went to the Joshua Tree Enlisted Dining Facility on board Edwards AFB today.
The 412 Support Services Squadron put on an excellent feed!
The Shoppette/Class VI was open and we made a stop to fill the car and I procured a 4 pack of 395 IPA.
Missus ORPO got some Queen Anne Chocolate Covered Cherries and some girl movies from the Red Box.
Unwind time!
I hope all had a great day today.

Thanksgiving Greetings to All!

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Thanksgiving from Casa de Sharon y Glenn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adventures in Beer

Missus ORPO and I went to Palmdale on a stuffed toy animal run. Saturday is the Teddy Bear Toss Game in Bakersfield at the Condors Hockey Game.
We decided on BJ'S for Dinner........The Cru was excellent! I also procured a new glass as well. After a stop at Wally World in Lancaster for Holiday Desert makings and a 12 of Sam Adams Winter Lager, we returned to the Casa de Sharon y Glenn. I must admit that the Winter Lager is quite good!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

What are they building? Old Olympia brewery coming back to life(plus a bit of a rant)

A friend of mine had this little ditty on her Facebook page....................
As an old Pacific Northwest Navy Hand, it does warm my heart.
We had two flavours back in those halcyon days......................Olympia and Rainier....................
Both left us in recent years. I was working my ballast train along the Columbia Gorge in Washington State a few years ago, staying in The Dalles, Oregon. The Fred Meyer had the Rainier. Olympia was shut down by the parent Miller/Coors in 2003. The Rainier was brewed in Irwindale, California.................let that sink in.............................Irwindale, California................
But enough ranting.............................
The Olympia Brewery may come back to life......................................
I may have to find an excuse to head north to see some "old friends!"
Developers have announced ambitious plans to bring craft brewing, restaurants, retail and more to the old Olympia Brewery in Tumwater. (Dana Commercial)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

30,715 pack Carrier Dome for Crunch-Comets | The American Hockey League

A Minor League-AAA, hockey game! This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (theahl.com) ... The Syracuse Crunch established a new attendance record for an indoor professional hockey game in the United States as 30,715 fans filled the Carrier Dome on the campus of Syracuse University for a regular-season American Hockey League game against the Utica Comets on Saturday night. 

The Crunch, top development team of the National Hockey League’s Tampa Bay Lightning, defeated the Comets, top affiliate of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks, 2-1, in the Toyota Frozen Dome Classic. 

Hockey is Life. Everything Else is just Details.

30,715 pack Carrier Dome for Crunch-Comets | The American Hockey League

The wind was blowing today in The Southeast Kern County Desert..........................go figure

We had some strong winds today. At times in the 60 mph gust range. I had to make a run to our storage unit near the California City Municipal Airport.
Pictures of the late afternoon from California City..........
Dust was blowing everywhere

North Dakota Names Landfill After Obama(Sarcasm?)

This was on The Daily Currant.....................
File under, Who woulda thunk!
Gotta love North Dakota!

"In an overwhelming 35-10 vote, the state Senate advanced a bill naming a 650-acre site currently under construction after the nation’s 44th president. Governor Jack Dalrymple is expected to sign the measure into law Tuesday."
The entire scoop is at the link..........................It is a good laugh, methinks.

Friday, November 21, 2014

New Addition to ORPO's Blogroll....................................

My, Sweet Friend from The Pacific Northwest, Janet Knight.

"§kyye {baby} lives in the Pacific Northwest and blogs from… well, just about everywhere. (Look up, I may be flying over you right now.)
She is:  A Warrior Mom;  Mother of two crazy, intelligent, adorable, beloved and exhaustingly active boys ~ Wife of yet another.  Daughter of a US Airman (AFRES) & daughter of a Devil Dawg.   Sister of a Marine Sharp Shooter.  RAH!   Honorary Sister (as bestowed upon her by several US Mil. Veterans.)  MOS:  Patriot.  Unit:  Infidels.   Rank:  I could tell you, but… well, you know.    Precariously owned and operated by a decidedly aloof feline of the Chocolate-Point Snowshoe Siamese persuasion.
Claims to fame:  Pilot.  Airport Bum.  MHC Member.  Airline Widow.  Frequent Flier.  Seahawk #12.  Cougar.  Finance & Economics major.  Author.  Foodie and gourmet coffee aficionado.  Artist.  Dreamer…
General Purveyor of Good over Evil with the requisite amounts of humor and [heavy] sarcasm.  (This is your first, last and only warning.)
Thanks for visiting."

Give her some time and believe me, you will appreciate it.................................ORPO Sends. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Steel Beach- When US Navy Ships Throw Giant Beach Picnic Parties

I have Fox Trot Alpha on my favourites listing.............Every now and then things are rather interesting. This is one of those things that is...................

Yours Truly, in his younger days when in The Sea Service of The United States of America, did participate in a few of these.

It usually coincided with Beer Day as well...............

We would have bands, basketball, RC cars racing, sunbathing, golf into the water, bbq burgers and dogs and boxing.

The Good Ship Ranger and The Good Ship Kitty Hawk somewhere in the Northern Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean at a place called Al Masirah. Al Masirah was the Fleet Anchorage off of the little island belonging to the Sultan of Oman where the Brits had built him a base was. It was a transfer point for people, parts and mail to and from Ships of The United States Seventh Fleet.

Good Lord....................I still miss it..................................

Steel Beach- When US Navy Ships Throw Giant Beach Picnic Parties

Steel Beach- When US Navy Ships Throw Giant Beach Picnic Parties
USS George Washington CVN73. I did the Shakedown Cruise of this ship.

Steel Beach- When US Navy Ships Throw Giant Beach Picnic Parties

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Getting ready to restore Big Boy | WyomingNews.com

This is awesome! Trains are part of the very fabric of this Nation. The UP as a fleet of old steam locomotives that are some of the best advertising around..

Yes, I love trains!

Getting ready to restore Big Boy | WyomingNews.com

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The last of the Navy Prowlers

It is done. The Venerable Grumman EA-6B Prowler is gone from Naval Service after a long and distinguished career.
I was lucky to see the first one's aboard ship when VAQ-132 became part of Carrier Air Wing Seven aboard The Good Ship Independence in the Spring of 1974 when we began work ups for the upcoming deployment to the Mediterranean Sea.......................
I have a life long friend as a result of that now days. My good buddy, Darryl Hinkle was in 132 back then and we would eventually make four deployments together over our careers.

I guess that I may just be getting old..............................................sucks.........it does.
My old Shipmate, Rebecca (Burt) Hagemann, LCDR USN Retired posted on Facebook with a link to a KING5 TV story about the last Prowlers at NAS Whidbey Island........She was just AMS2 Becky Burt in 89-90 when I was the VA-128 Airframes Mid Shift LPO.............................
I retired from active service in a Prowler Squadron, VAQ-140, The Patriots..............21 years ago.
The Best Looking Prowler CAG Jet Ever!

The Navy's EA-6B Prowler Completes Its Final Carrier Cruise
Garudas CAG Jet

Pictures and Video at the Link.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A funny for a gray and windy day..............................Sandy Eggo.....................................

The first blog I ever posted at was Parrothead Jeff & Friends.
Jeff does find the most funny stuff on the innertubes. He had this one up on Facebook this morning/afternoon. It's my Regular Day Off and time is something I try to make irrelevant.

This is a Sandy Eggo thing. I like Sandy Eggo. Got a place to gather for all us there. Family in North County.

Found online and too good not to share 
You know you are from San Diego when...
~Your high school had a surf team~
~You can correctly pronounce Tierrasanta, La Jolla, Rancho Penasquitos, San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, Jamacha, Jamul, Cuyamaca, and El Cajon~
~There are four distinct seasons: Summer, Not Quite Summer, Almost Summer, and Oh Hey Look Its Summer Again~
~Chula-juana is a real town.~
~Your house is worth more than some small countries~
~You know what MB, OB, and PB stand for~
~Every street name is either in Spanish or Spanish related, and you're surprised when other areas don't have this~
~You can determine the accuracy of someone's "I'm ghetto" claim by knowing their high school. For example, El Camino High School or Crawford High School~
~You see weather forecasts for four different climate zones in the same county, and aren't remotely surprised. The Micro Climate Weather~
~You've gone to Mt. Helix in July and know you still need a jacket~
~You've tailgated at Qualcomm Stadium, and for a bonus point, also tailgated when it was Jack Murphy Stadium~
~You have a favorite- the WAP or the Zoo~
~You've been on a field trip to see an Imax movie at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center~
~You still call it the Del Mar Fair~
~You say "I'm going to the track" and people know what you mean~
~You understand what May-Gray and June-Gloom is~
~A famous skateboarder/surfer lives in your town~
~There's a North County, a South County, and an East County but no Central County~
~"Mossy Nissan! Mossy Nissan! Mossy Nissan Moves You!"~
~You know what it means when two guys are walking in Hillcrest~
~You know what it means when a girl in a short skirt is walking on El Cajon Blvd~
~You've gotten stuck in the Horton Plaza parking structure traffic after a Padres game~
~You know what "The Merge" is, and will plan your entire day around not being on it during rush hour~
~You've been to Belmont Park~
~You've taken the Coaster and laughed at people sitting in traffic on the 5~
~You know the difference between Clairemont Mesa, Kearny Mesa, and Mira Mesa~and maybe you remember Serra Mesa too~
~You've gone to Sea World on a warm day and sat in the first few rows at the Shamu Show to get cooled off~
~You've been delayed at the Border Checkpoints at the I-5 & the I-15~
~There are more bands than people~
~Your house doesn't have air conditioning~
~You know it's San Diegan, not San Diegoan, or San Diegoite~
~Everyone has their favorite beach~
~No matter what the weather is, there is always someone walking around in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops~
~You live on, near or are surrounded by hills~
~You have family and or friends that have moved to Arizona~
~You used to, and sometimes still do ride the carousel at Seaport Village~
~You know someone who doesn't own pants, and have a neighbor who doesn't seem to own a shirt~
~You know what Santa Ana's are, and that they have literally nothing to do with the city of Santa Ana~
~If the menu doesn't have California burritos on it, forget it, its not real Mexican food~

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

BevMo Alpha Strike

After Lunch with Missus ORPO and many Veterans, both young and not so young, we hit the BevMo across from the Antelope Valley Mall in Palmdale.
I procured a few different flavours...............................when they are sampled, I will pass it on to all...........................
Variety........................................................tis the Spice of Life.
The Beer Gods are most kind, indeed

This is a most tasty Porter, I must say! If you can find it near you, I highly recommend it!

The other new flavour! Sierra Nevada Celebration!

Really Cool Airplane Stuff

I couldn't resist sharing this with all after a friend had it linked from the Daily Mail on his Facebook page.

This is some really neat Plane Pr0n!

Challenge: To the bemusement of his 50-year-old wife, Mr Ford bought a book called How to Build a WW1 Replica AND Stay Married! and began work on the Fokker in his in-laws' garden in the village of Cottenham, Cambridgeshire. It had its first test flight six years ago

Crowning achievement: While building the plane, the engineer bought a book called How to Build a WW1 Replica AND Stay Married! 'Ironically my wife had time to read it but I didn't,' he said. 'I was too busy working on the plane' - which now flies triumphant over Britain

The full story and more really cool pictures are at the following link.
The Red Baron flies again! Man spends £50,000 building himself an exact working replica of the German pilot's Fokker triplane

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2829796/The-ultimate-model-plane-Man-spends-50-000-building-exact-working-replica-Red-Baron-s-Fokker-triplane-home.html#ixzz3ImvIXKK9
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

For Armistice Day

I decided to use the traditional name for the 11th of November...................
At first it was Armistice Day.
Then there was Ypres..................
I have a link to Flanders in that my Great Grandpa Wambeke came to the United States from Flanders, in Belgium.
My Maternal Grandfather was in the Army in 1917-1918 and was preparing to ship overseas when the Armistice was signed.......................................................
I give you all Flanders Fields.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Remember. A Poem From A Friend

My friend, Janet had this on her page on Facebook. It is simple and poignant.
That is all.

Do you like me?
Do you care?
Do you understand
What put me there?
I was happy
Free and wild
I was carefree
Like a wondering child.
But then one day
The wind rushed in
The mailman came
Delivered sin.
He brought a notice
Black and white
It told me where
I'd be that night.
I opened it and
Read it straight away
Report for Duty!
Do not delay!!
I loved my country
And served with pride
I must admit, never really
Thought I'd die.
But on the field
With crimson stain
I lost my life
A victory gained
My best friend cried
Sitting there alone
Only 18, these feelings
He had not known.
He dragged me off
The field that night.
Collected things
I said I'd write.
I made him promise
As he laughed
The month before
In case I passed.
I said please remind
The ones I love
I didn't ever
Want to leave.
When they ask why
Just tell them this:
A fellow cannot
Be remiss.
He must stand
For what is good.
Protect and serve
Sometimes with blood.
I wanted to be there
For graduation,
Weddings, births
And collaborations.
I gave it up
And so did they
But don't distress, see
I've paved the way.
For you to raise
Your family
In the soft waving breeze
Of liberty.
I loved my life;
My wife and son
I did not even
Have a gun.
I was just a guy
With a heart and soul.
Doing things that
I'd rather not do.
But sometimes there
Are certain things
That one must stand for
Not just cling
To all our fears
Or childish ways
Refusing to see
Beyond the haze
Peace sounds great
It's what I want
That is why
I fought the fight.
For you and yours
To have a bright
Future full of love
Grace and delight.
I did not falter
I did not run
I did not sell us out
I stood my ground
For you and for
Our children, then
For family, friends;
Our countrymen.
When you tell her
If you stand
Before her
She will understand.
He called on her
It crushed her world
He held her close
As she unfurled.
But I was right
She handled well
The news that my
Last note would tell.
I did not give
My life in vain
For you to spit
Upon my grave.
So when you pass
My way and glance
At my headstone
In happenstance
With bronze details
So stark and grey
Remember that
I died that day.
~J. Knight, c 2014 (all rights reserved.)


Everyone is having the feel good story of the Fall of The Berlin Wall 25 years ago. That's OK. It was a very significant event in history.

That being said, on the 9th and 10th of November, 1938 an event occurred in Germany and Austria that should have shaken the foundation of civilization..................Kristallnacht, The Night Of Broken Glass.
This event was the actual beginning of the Holocaust in terms of violence toward the Jews of Germany and Austria.
The Holocaust did affect my family. As far as I know, we lost 57 members of the Cassel's and Wambeke's.

I did not see one news item today at all about this date....................So in my little way, here it is......
Night Of Broken Glass


The Synagogue of Baden-Baden burns on 10 November 1938

Sunday Evening in the Southeast Kern County Desert

I did some garage cleaning and rearranging. One pickup load to the storage.
I couldn't resist getting a few pics on the way back to the house.

I will not go down and tell my children I didn't have the courage, the conviction, the commitment or the character to fight for this country...Don't go home and let your children down~~ LTC Allen West

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

‎"Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum.("Therefore, he who desires peace, let him prepare for war")" from "Epitoma Rei Militaris," by Vegetius (Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus)